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Private Employees

Chantene has years of experience representing employees who faced employer discrimination, were not paid their fair wages or had their rights violated at the workplace, and who needed help navigating their employment contracts. Chantene has represented plaintiffs in large class action lawsuits against Fortune 500 companies and obtained successful outcomes even when facing large law firms with multiple attorneys on the defense.

Chantene can help you if you are dealing with:

    • Harassment and/or hostile work environment
    • Reasonable accommodations for disabilities
    • Employer discrimination based on your age, gender, sex, race, religion, national origin or medical leave
    • Retaliation for medical leave, reporting discrimination or harassment
    • Negotiating offer contracts, severance packages, salary raises, and bonuses.
    • Breach of employment contract
    • Nondisclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements
    • Unpaid wages and/or overtime
    • Denied rest breaks or meal breaks
    • Improper characterization as an independent contractor and/or other issues relating to Assembly Bill 5
    • Workplace injury
    • Unemployment insurance and benefits assistance (including COVID-19 related employment issues).

Government Employees

Before opening her own law firm, Chantene spent five years advising management officials at a large federal agency on employment and labor matters, including disciplinary actions and terminations. Chantene knows what to expect in these cases and how to properly counter and address agency tactics and work with agency lawyers. Chantene knows how to prevent the agency from escalating matters and resolving employment disputes as early as possible. She also knows how to build your case and prepare you for an appeal if your employer takes an adverse employment action against you.

Chantene represents employees from any public agency- local, state, and federal. She represents everyone from clerical staff to management officials and agency directors.

Merit Systems Protection Board

Chantene has extensive experience before the Merit Systems Protection Board, handling matters such as:

    • Performance-based actions
    • Allegations of misconduct (including conduct unbecoming allegations and criminal acts)
    • Disciplinary actions based on drug-test results
    • Retaliatory discipline (such as actions taken against an employee for whistleblowing)
    • Discrimination (actions taken against an employee based on discriminatory motives)

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Chantene also has extensive experience before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), representing clients and helping them obtain payment or other remedies in matters such as:

    • Discrimination: Your employer took an action against you based on:
      • Age
      • Disability
      • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
      • National origin
      • Race
      • Religion
      • Gender
      • Sex/Pregnancy
    • Reprisal or Retaliation: Your employer took an action against you because you filed or participated in a prior EEOC matter, were a witness in an EEOC case, or alerted your employer to prohibited discriminatory acts.

Reasonable Accommodations

If you have a disability and need an accommodation at work, Chantene can help you ensure your reasonable accommodation request is handled properly by your agency, and will help lay the groundwork for an appeal if your reasonable accommodation is denied or mishandled.

Employee Discipline

Chantene’s expertise extends to assisting public employees in negotiating or addressing proposed disciplinary actions as soon as possible to prevent an employer from taking the proposed action. She has worked with labor unions and agency representatives to reduce disciplinary penalties or prevent them altogether.

Government Entities

Chantene brings years of experience as counsel for government management and directorial personnel. The Law Offices of Chantene Koplow provide counsel for newly formed public organizations, state and local entities, and agencies. Chantene reviews employment policies, by-laws, hiring and terminations, and provides counseling on regulatory compliance to public organizations in need of outside counsel or independent review. As an agency attorney, Chantene is deeply familiar with navigating bureaucracy and managing the politics of intragovernmental change. Chantene has negotiated and executed dozens of memoranda of understanding between governmental actors and has years of experience strategizing with agency components to come to tactically and financially sound decisions for the organization.

Start-ups and Corporations

Chantene started her law firm in Silicon Valley, California, an area known for its start-ups, tech firms, and Fortune 500 corporations. Chantene’s clients include start-ups, small businesses, and corporate clients looking for assistance in creating a robust, positive, and legally sound employment structure.

Policy Assistance and Compliance

Chantene helps businesses create, revise, and brainstorm matters such as:

    • Employment Policies (including leave policies, reasonable accommodation policies, anti-discrimination policies and compliance with state and federal anti-discrimination laws, health and insurance benefits, paid time off policies, codes of conduct)
    • Best practices for management (including developing human resources practices and personnel, training modules)
    • Hiring and Terminations (including how to onboard and offboard personnel within the law, creating and revising offer letters, severance packages, and other employment contracts)
    • Nondisclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, and non-solicitation agreements
    • Responding to employees and third-parties when there is potential employment or contractual issues and de-escalating matters to avoid litigation

Outside Counsel

While many organizations employ in-house attorneys, many companies need experienced and focused employment assistance. Chantene has worked with companies as a dedicated employment law advisor, reviewing employment contracts, policies, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Litigation Defense

If your company, its officers, or agents have been accused of discrimination, retaliation, breach of contract, regulatory/statutory violations of employment rights, or other employment breaches, Chantene can help address these issues through alternative dispute resolution (such as mediation), informal negotiations, or, if the matter has escalated to litigation, in court. Chantene brings years of experience as counsel for a large organization to her practice, having secured millions of dollars in owed debt, dismissals of employment claims at the summary judgment stage (avoiding costly court appearances), and successful appeals of judgments against her clients.

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